Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 2/7/19


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Kim Gardner, Woody Collins, Steve Crockett, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Gus Letona, Ron Horii, visiting Ranger David Hamblin.
    • Report from David Hamblin, Ranger at Hellyer, Santa Teresa, and Martial Cottle: 
      • There will be 4 movie nights in Santa Teresa Park. 2 of those will be campouts. 
      • The Curie House (Pyzak Ranch) cleanup will be on 3/2-3. Alternative dates are 3/23-24 if the original dates are rained out. Most of the grafitti on the buildings has been there for a year and a half. The rangers will bring the supplies. The fence along Curie is falling down. They used old wood as a temporary fix. It needs a long-term fix, (but the fence may be torn down if the road is widened). There is an opportunity in Samaritan for volunteers to sign up for the job. It can also be a walk-up event and volunteers can sign a hardcopy waiver then. Nobody will be turned away. Mike contacted the Boy Scouts and passed out flyers.
      • Ranger Bryan Lue will be doing geology and earthquake hikes to Coyote Peak. Instead of leading our own hike to Coyote Peak, we will accompany Bryan on one of his.
      • The Ohlone Trail needs a small work group of about 2-3 people to repair a culvert. Rocks need to be brought to the work site. This can be a project for May.
      • Lisa Pappanastos is currently the acting senior ranger at Santa Teresa, Hellyer, and Martial Cottle. She is working out of class. 
      • David is moving to Mt. Madonna/Uvas at the end of the month. He has been at Hellyer for about a year.
      • David is working with trail volunteer Ron Taylor on doing an assessment of the condition of the Stile Ranch and Rocky Ridge trails. Woody warned that there is a rare plant species (loma prieta hoita) along the Rocky Ridge Trail that was affected by previous trail work.
      • The trail signs in Santa Teresa are being updated with numbered trail junctions. There is also a new park map showing those juctions. The maps on the mapboards will be updated. The trail signs will also say "To---" to show where the trails lead to.
      • Volunteers are needed to water the trees in the Pueblo Area. They can use a long garden hose, supplied by park maintenance, and attach them to faucets.
      • Volunteers are needed to spread bark around the Pueblo Area as mulch. They are in big piles there now.
    • We are looking for a venue to have public talks that we can use for fundraising. Gus tried to get the Avenidas, but couldn't get an agreement. We may be able to get the Santa Teresa Library or the Southside Community Center. If not, we can use our meeting room at the Santa Teresa Golf Course. Mike and Gus will discuss dates for a speaker series. Mike Cox could talk about the Almaden Mines. 
    • Mike asked Ranger Lisa Pappanastos to give a presentation at our April 4 meeting about the history of the Grant family and their connection to the Bernals.
    • Treasurer's report (Greg): we have $426.21 in our account, with $483 in checks outstanding. We have $119 in deposits, for $62.23 net. Our San Jose Beautify Cycle 2 grant for $2380 should arrive in March. 
    • We have to be careful about spending grant money. We have to make sure the expenditures are covered by the grant and that we approve the expenditures before purchasing items. We need to be careful about saving receipts.
    • Gus is looking at getting a tablecloth for events with our logo on it.
    • Kelsi Ju asked if FOSTP could pay for items for the Day of the Dead Event this year.
    • Mike and Steve are working on our 501c3 application.
    • The Koopman's will be tending 2 of the garden boxes at the Bernal Ranch in the summer.
    • Ron showed pictures: our dinner at Mike's house, trail signposts with junction numbers, hills recovering from the Curie Fire, the Norred Trail, Laurel Canyon waterfalls, views of snow on the mountains, helicopters and linemen working on power towers in the park, fire crews training, car ran off the road at the Bernal Road entrance, Nature Trail, grafitti on the waterfall in Laurel Canyon, Lunar New Year event, Coyote Peak views, Coyote Valley and Laguna Seca, trees in the Pueblo Area, holiday displays in the Bernal Ranch, grafitti and vandalism at the Pyzak Ranch, Ron's photo exhibit at the Campbell Library.
    • Future hike activities (tentatively scheduled):  Ron's photo class/wildflower hike at the Bernal Ranch on 4/27, Pre-Mother's Day hike on the Stile Ranch-Fortini-Mine Trails on 5/11.
    • Ron is leading a hike for the Morgan Hill Senior Center to Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve on 3/27/19 from 10 am to 1 pm, meeting at the Centennial Recreation Center in Morgan Hill at 9:30 to carpool to the site.
    • We did not have a regular meeting in January. We had a potluck dinner at Mike's house on Thursday 1/10/19 at 5:30. Our next meeting is March 7 at 7pm.
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       Created 2/28/19 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park