Friends of Santa Teresa Park Meeting, 1/4/18


    • Attendees: Mike Boulland, Kitty Monahan, Greg & Roxanne Koopman, Ron Horii, Kim Gardner, Sam Drake, Marilyn August. 
    • Our December 7 meeting was a potluck dinner at Mike Boulland's house, starting at 6:00.
    • We got our Beautify San Jose grant check.
    • Our bank balance is $2719.47.
    • John Dorrance said Boy Scouts would be cleaning up Santa Teresa Spring, which has become overgrown with brambles again. Ron will find out which scouts, when, and where.
    • We talked about fund-raising. Greg will look into it. One idea is to sell items with our logo on it. allows you to upload a design, sell products on their website, and you get a cut of the profits. We could also sell items or sell ad space on our website. [Note that our website is not seteup for this. It would have to be re-designed.] We might be able to set up a table and sell items at Trailhead Cyclery's demo days in the park.
    • Marilyn recommended we get a Facebook page. Sam set one up: He made Mike and Ron administrators. It can be used to advertise our events. It's free, but if we want to promote it, we need to pay.
    • Roxanne and Greg are tending 2 of the garden boxes at the Bernal Ranch. Here are pictures. They have cleared out the weeds, planted vegetables, and labeled them. 4H is tending 4 of the boxes. Chuck Rambo is taking care of the carnivorous plants in 2 of the boxes.
    • We will be holding our National Night Out on Tuesday, August 7. Fandango hasn't been scheduled. It may be merged into our NNO, though the purposes are different.
    • The County Parks has a new interpretive staff member, Scott Mac William. He is working at the Casa Grande and runs the giftshop. He visited the Bernal Ranch, where John Dorrance showed him around. He may help out at the ranch.
    • The County Parks has moved the Curie Drive improvement project to 2025. It has $300K. We need to see if we can speed up the process. Mike Wasserman asked if they could put in a dirt trail.
    • We have a Q&A document about the Mental Health Program at the Muriel Wright Center from Mike Wasserman's office posted on our website. The sheriff's office will be maintained there. What's not clear is if it will always be staffed or if the program will have its own security.
    • We talked about having events in the park. We need to find out the deadline for submitting events for the next Play Here. [It's February 15, for events starting in May. March-April events will be online/Facebook only.] We can do another pre-Mother's Day hike on the Stile Ranch-Fortini Trails. Mother's Day is May 13. We could do a wildflower scavenger hunt like the one they do at Quicksilver, where they pass out brochures with flowers that people have to find. They get prizes when they turn in the checklists after finding the flowers. We could also do a history tour.
    • Teri Rogoway of the Open Space Authority wants Mike to do a Battle of Santa Teresa history talk at Tulare Hill.
    • The invasive tamarisk next to the Bernal Ranch parking lot entrance has been trimmed. It's on private property, so there's nothing the parks dept. can do about it unless it invades the park. 
    • Greg asked about the possibility of putting benches on the Joice Trail. [The trail runs through serpentine, which has endangered species growing on it, so it may be difficult to do any construction on the trail.]
    • Greg talked about the power poles that used to lead to the microwave station near Coyote Peak. The station was knocked down, so the power poles are useless and unsightly. Who owns them?
    • There is a Martin Luther Kind Day of Service event starting at the Pueblo Corral Area this Saturday 1/13 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. 
    • Ron showed pictures from November and December: garden boxes at the Bernal Ranch, new tree/bush signs on the Nature Trail, our holiday party at Mike's house, cleanup at the Bernal Ranch by John Dorrance, Santa at the Ranch, Santa Teresa Spring, a coyote at the Pueblo Area entrance, broken parking meter at the Pueblo Area, faded sign and new signboard by the restroom at the Pueblo Area, the golf course, and the archery range. Ron showed views from the Joice Trail, Bernal Hill, Pueblo Area at sunset, Hidden Springs, Coyote Peak, Rocky Ridge, Ridge, Stile Ranch, and Ohlone trails.
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       Created 1/9/18, updated 2/1/18 by Ronald Horii, secretary of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park