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Healthy Trails Hike, Calero County Park, 4/25/09

On April 25, 2009, a Healthy Trails hike was held at Calero County Park. It was led by docents Cait Hutnik and Woody Collins. It started at the parking lot near the Calero Ranch Stables, next to McKean Road, south of Bailey Avenue. Calero Park covers 3493 acres. It includes Calero Reservoir, a popular lake for boating and fishing. The backcountry hills of the park have 18.6 miles of trails open to hikers and equestrians (no bikes or dogs on the trails). There are two Healthy Trails hikes in Calero. A 2.8-mile moderate hike follows the Figueroa, Vallecito, Pena, and Los Cerritos Trails. A 6.2-mile strenuous hike follows the Figueroa, Javelina, Pena, and Los Cerritos Trails. Cait led the group on  the shorter hike, while Woody led a group on the longer route.

Cait Hutnik talks to the crowd gathered for the hike.

Waling to the trailhead to pick up maps.

Walking along the access trail, with Woody at the lead.

Heading up the access trail.

Cait coming up the trails with the families.

At the trail junction, heading up the Figueroa Trail.

Cait and her group approaching the trail junction.

Heading down the Figueroa Trail next to McKean Road.

Ahead, the trail pulls away from McKean Road as it follows Calero Creek upstream.

Mule's ear sunflower.

Woody points to some weeds along the trail.

The trail heads into a shady section along Calero Creek.

Calero Creek.

Bicolor lupine, also called miniature lupine, line the trail.

At the Canada Del Oro Trail junction. The Canada Del Oro Trail is a relatively new trail that leads to the southwest section of the park and the Rancho Canada Del Oro Open Space Preserve.

After crossing Calero Creek, the trail heads uphill to the Vallecito Trail junction.

Cait's group coming out of the forest and crossing Calero Creek.

At the Vallecito Trail junction, Woody led part of the group farther up the hill on the Figueroa Trail for a longer hike to the start of the Pena Trail, while Cait took the rest of the group back on the Vallecito Trail.

Cait's group heading back on the Vallecito Trail.

Cait talking about the trees.

The trail ascends the side of the valley to reach the Pena Trail.

Looking back at the Vallecito Trail.

On the Pena Trail, heading downhill.

Cait stopping to take a group picture on the Pena Trail.

Heading downhill on the Pena Trail to the Los Cerritos Trail, with the parking area in the background.

The Los Cerritos Trail leading to Los Cerritos Pond.

A family of geese on Los Cerritos Pond.

Los Cerritos Pond.

At the Los Cerritos-Figueroa Trail junction.

Cait with her group come down the access trail to the trailhead.

Pictures From Cait Hutnik, taken in Calero:

Group picture on the Pena Trail.

Grass skipper.

Gopher Snake

Pictures From Woody Collins, taken in Calero:

Pale swallowtail butterfly

Anise swallowtail butterfly

Variable checkerspot butterfly


Blue-eyed grass, goldfields, linanthus.

Created by Ronald Horii, 4/26/09